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LOVE 01/10/2012

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I love, love, LOVE this idea. I’m sure Ive heard of it before, but since Emily starts Kindergarten this year it stuck with me.
On her first day of school I am going to take a picture of her then the next year on the first day take another one inside of that picture. She will be holding the Kindergarten picture…then so on. Each year will be inside the picture. Here is a picture of a little girl that I found.


I cant wait to do this. It makes me sad that my little baby will be in school soon. The other day we went to the school accross the street and was peaking through the windows. I got teary eyed looking at all the little chairs and tables 😦 I dont want my babies to grow up!!!



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Emilys birthday is coming up in February. She really wants a Rapunzel party. Yesterday I ordered all of this fun stuff from Party City. And for her birthday she wants a monster high doll that looks like Sally from Nightmare before Christmas and a game she saw on TV. This game is disgusting (so she wont get it) but its funny that she thinks its cool.

Here is the link to it.


Disney 01/09/2012

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This morning we colored pictures and sent them to characters at Disney. Emily sent hers to Rapunzel and Haley sent hers to Cinderella. APparetnly, if you send them a letter they will send you an autographed letter back. I would love to see the kids face as they open up a gift from their favorite princess.

I really hope this works 🙂

Here is the link, in case anyone else wants to try this too!!!!



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Emily: Momma, have I ever been on a plane?
me: Yeah when you were a little baby
Haley: Have I been on a plane too?
me: No, you werent born yet
Haley: I wasnt born yet? Did I stay home with daddy?
Emily: No Haley! You were still being made by God.
Haley: Ohhhhh
Emily: Yeah, he builds us. Like a robot


Emily and Haley singing 01/05/2012

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The girls were singing in the car. Sorry, it was dark out so you cant see them, but turn up your volumes and ENJOY 😛


Guest Post

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I’m not a mother but I do know Trista and have met her daughters. They are very sweet!  So I can’t really write a guest post per say because I don’t know what this family does on a daily basis but as a daughter and blogger myself I want to talk about this blog and how it could improve.  I think her daughters would enjoy more pictures of themselves. Talk about every tradition because someday they could forget certain things, even for a little while and remembering the elf on the shelf or Christmas movies that they watched with their mom would be exciting. I still to this day remember my mom singing me “Hit me baby one more time” before going to sleep, but having evidence of that(maybe even an embaressing video) would be fun.  Keep it up Trista!

Sammi (


Where do they come up with this stuff…

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Here is some really funny things that the kids have said over the last week or so.

Emily- “Mommy, can you please go to the store and buy another baby sister for me?”
Me- “You dont like Haley?”
Emily- “Yeah, but she isnt a little baby anymore”
And here is mine and Emilys conversation about cleaning her room

Emily- If you help us, I promise I will keep it clean from now on
Me- Oh really you promise?
Emily- Yes, and when I promise something, I never break that promise (quoted directly from Tangled)
Me- Oh yes, you do all the time
Emily- Well…not this time. Things are different

And just so everyone knows…nothing changed! The room is still messy every day!!!